The best tour in Wadi Rum, Jordan

Scared to travel

Let me tell you about the best tour in Wadi Rum

Imagine this…

You spend the day cruising around in the back of a jeep, exploring the vast lands of Wadi Rum. You climb up many mountains and feel ridiculously small walking through the fiery orange canyons. After watching the sunset atop one of the rocks in the most serene location, you drive further on to a cave, where there is a camp fire waiting for you. Night falls and the heat from the fire gives you the warm and fuzzies, as you listen to the fire crack and smell your delicious dinner sizzling up. You spend the rest of the night counting shooting stars, eating like a true Bedouin and sharing wisdom and stories with a local.

Morning comes, and you are awoken by light, spraying a soft pink hue on the mountains, near and far. The hair’s messy, but the hearts very full and it feels almost impossible to wipe the smile off of your face. After a drive back to the campsite, you freshen up, enjoy a communal breakfast and make your way back to the village. It’s hard for you to say goodbye, but you leave knowing that a piece of you will always belong amongst the ruggered terrain of the desert and in the good hearts of the Bedouin people.

Sounds pretty dreamy right?

The best tour in Wadi Rum

This was how I experienced Wadi Rum in Jordan and you can too. I’m going to give you a photographic insight into what I got up to and ultimately tell you how you can join in on the best tour in Wadi Rum.

And no, I haven’t tried multiple tour companies to come to this conclusion. I do believe that it would be near impossible to beat the experiences I had over the 3 days with Wadi Rum Magic Tours.

I had heard so many good things about Wadi Rum, with most saying that you need to stay longer than just the day to truly embrace the desert beauty. So, I pencilled out three days on my itinerary for Wadi Rum and made it my mission to find the best tour company to explore the vast desert with.

The best tour in Wadi RumThe best tour in Wadi Rum

So, what is the Best Tour in Wadi Rum?

The first night, my sister and I stayed at the Wadi Rum Magic Tours Bedouin campsite, where we had a very eclectic, but cosy tent for two. After showering, we met the rest of the campers inside, where we had hot tea on tap and sat around the fire getting to know one another. Our dinner was prepared like a true Bedouin BBQ, sizzling up underneath the sand for a couple of hours. After dinner we had a variety of Arabic sweets for desert, which we were too full to even try.

The best tour in Wadi Rum

Hayley and I went to bed nice and early as we were exhausted from a day of travel & knew that we had a jam-packed day ahead of us (I was also in a chronic food coma). I don’t want to go into too much detail of what we got up to on the next day as I don’t want any spoilers, but I will tell you now, it was amazing.

The best tour in Wadi RumThe best tour in Wadi Rum The best tour in Wadi Rum

It was so amazing that it is actually one of my favourite travel days of 2018. It is also up there with my top travel experiences to date.

The tour that we went on was the full day Jeep tour, 1-hour camel ride & sleep under the stars experience, which was once again with Wadi Rum Magic Tours. The tour took us to all of the ‘must-see’ attractions in Wadi Rum as well as a few secluded spots.

The meals that they made were all so delicious and were far from what I thought a Bedouin camp meal would be like. The evening spent under the stars was surprisingly comfortable and I felt remarkably safe having both Hassain (our guide) and Mohammad (the owner) with us.

The best tour in Wadi Rum

Our camp set up for the second night spent under the stars

We may have arrived as strangers looking for nothing but an incredible experience in the desert, but we left as friends and the moments shared underneath the starry night sky will forever remain close to my heart.

The best tour in Wadi Rum

Myself and Hassain, our guide for the full day jeep tour, camel ride and sleep under the stars.

The best tour in Wadi Rum

We were always greeted by the most hospitable people in Wadi Rum. Never once did they expect us to pay for any of the tea that we drank at the tents.

The best tour in Wadi Rum

The best tour in Wadi Rum

Standing underneath the hanging rock, which was one of our last stops on the full day jeep tour.

If you are planning a trip to Jordan, you can’t miss touring Wadi Rum with the best tour company – Wadi Rum Magic Tours. I would be more than happy to share more details on my experience, but I’d hate to show you everything, because, spoilers!

The best tour in Wadi Rum

Our sleeping arrangements for the second night in the desert

The best tour in Wadi RumThe best tour in Wadi Rum

The best tour in Wadi Rum

All the love in the world,
Soph xx

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