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6 ways to experience Singapore from a different angle

  1. Head to the trendiest Hawker CentreTimbre+ has got to be the grooviest hawker centre in Singapore. Located in One-North, the urban food centre is the perfect combination of local arts and food that’s just to die for.  This is the go to spot for all of the expats living in Singapore and what’s so great is that no matter what time you go you can always be assured that it will always be oozing with like-minded foodies and boozies. 
  2. Have a drink with a view at sun-down. Most tourists will flock to the top of Marina Bay Sands to watch the sun set, and rightly so – it’s amazing and is one of the highest points in the Singapore. Although, to avoid the crowds, exuberant prices and to look over Marina Bay Sands, LeVel33 is where it’s at. The bar sits on, you guessed it, level 33 of Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 1 and attracts the expat crowds of Singapore. Not only is it an incredible spot to relax after a long day of exploring, but it is also the world’s highest urban craft brewery, pretty funky! If you are really feeling like a treat, they have their own restaurant up there but you MUST book as it will reach capacity, even when the weather is miserable. Everyone raves on about their speciality beer which they brew on site, so if you want to make the most of it, try out one of their beer samplers. I naturally steer away from beer so I treated myself to the Skyline Cocktail, and I’d highly recommend it. Top tip: request to reserve the outside corner table – it’s definitely the best seat in the house to grab a panorama overlooking the bay.
  3. Check out Haji Lane. Who knew Singapore had such cool street art? I sure didn’t until one of my Mum’s friends showed me the ropes and took me to her favourite place: Haji Lane. Clear up your memory card, chuck on some funky clothes and snap some cool photographs against the walls of Haji Lane. I opt for clothes with a bit of flow – think loose skirts, dresses and bright colours to really stand out and create contrast. There are plenty of renowned bars and restaurants serving both traditional and Western foods along here so it’s a great spot to come when day turns into night.
  4. Watch the sunrise from below Marina Bay Sands. I’m a huge lover of sunrises, I think it’s the most beautiful part of the day, by a million miles and for a million reasons. Most ‘normal’ people stay in bed, but I beg to differ and think it’s so lovely to watch the day begin in pure serenity (don’t worry, I am a ‘normal’ person most of the time too).
  5. Be the first to enter the cloud forest at Gardens by the Bay. I would say it’s best to combine the sunrise at Marina Bay Sands with a visit to Gardens by the Bay. Alike watching the sunrise, most of the attractions in Singapore, and well anywhere really, don’t get busy until about 9am. So on your walk over to the Gardens have a gander, take hundreds of pictures and marvel at just how magnificent it is with not a person in sight – you truly feel like you are in a world of your own. The Cloud Forest is by far the coolest (both visually and by temperature) conservatory I have been in. It’s unlike anything else and attracts hundreds upon hundreds of tourists with their cameras every day which is why it’s so great to get there before anyone else. I was the first person to walk through on the day and it felt so damn exclusive. There are many levels to the Cloud Forest with footbridges circling the luscious 35 metre cone shaped garden, giving you panoramic views from the inside to the outside world.
  6. Teleport yourself to India for the afternoon. I wish I could say I have been to India, but for now, Little India in Singapore has got to be the next best thing. The ethnic district oozes with both cultural and historical significance, being the hub for Indian migrants during the 1840’s when cattle trading took root. The colourful past is highlighted in the community nowadays and you’ll surely feel like you have been teleported to India for the afternoon. Make sure you empty your stomach’s beforehand so you can join in with the locals and taste all of different food’s in the Tekka Centre (conveniently located next to the Little India MRT station). Please, please, please also venture up to the second floor of the centre to gaze in awe of the colourful handmade sari’s and wander between the cramped tailor shops. You’ll gain the sweetest little cultural insight!

So what are you waiting for, go enjoy yourself in what is quite possibly the best destination for a stopover OR even better, a holiday.

All the love in the world,

Soph xx

25 photos that will have you in love with Singapore

Well Singapore, what a treat it has been. In the past two days I have clocked 50,000 steps, witnessed some incredible sights, watched the sun set and sun rise over Marina Bay, went on many hour long missions to find vegetarian food and most importantly, fell in love with just how god damn incredible and lush the city is. I’ve never been a city girl, but Singapore has changed me oh so slightly. Here are some of my favourite photographs that I have taken over the past 48 hours – I am sure they will convince you that Singapore is one of the most beautiful, diverse and greenest cities you’ll ever witness. Gardens by the Bay  Chinatown Backstreets of Bugis Backstreets of Bugis Marina Bay Sands Backstreets of Bugis Chinatown Tanglin Mall Little India Raffles Hotel Little India Tanglin Road Arab Quarter Wheelock Place Cloud Forest Arab Quarter Orchard Boulevard Cloud Forest Arab Quarter Ellis Road ION Orchard Haji LaneGardens by the Bay Haji Lane

Stay tuned for my new blog post coming up ‘Wild, Whacky and Wonderful things to do in Singapore’

Lots of love,

Soph xx