How to eat to your hearts content in Hoi An

Hoi An isn’t known for it’s culinary delights, but I sure want to put it on the food map for having some of the most scrumptious eats that I have had throughout my two weeks in Vietnam. I have listed my favourite places to dine and some whacky road stall snacks that deserve to be devoured in this blog and I know I shouldn’t have to tell you, but ENJOY! 

The Hoi An Donut- You will be able to find these almost everywhere you go, just look out for a sweet little food cart on the side of the road- it’s almost given that they will sell these delightful treats. It’s exactly what you think, just a plain old donut coated in sugar. However… they deep fry the donut on the spot and I don’t know how, but it tastes so damn heavenly in your mouth. Simple done good. 

Vi Café- Looks may be deceiving, but I can assure you this place serves up a good and big feed. Located on one of the busier roads in Hoi An, Vi Café is a double whammy – amazingly cheap and tasty food as well as the most welcoming and sweetest waitresses in Vietnam. We ate here every-day and not once left disappointed. They serve up an amazing vegetarian noodle dish that is just a few dollars and is absolutely loaded with vegetables.

Fried Tapioca Cakes- What a cool looking pattie! I was so eager to try these Tapioca Cakes, mainly because of the funky purple colour but also because it’s super rare to find vegetarian delicacies in Vietnam and when you do, you need to take the opportunity within a heartbeat. The tapioca tasted a bit like potato and had a very similar texture, but for a cheap snack to keep you moving along, these aren’t too shabby at all. 

Hoi An Roastery- As soon as I walked past here, I knew I would be making a return with my laptop so I could write to my heart’s content whilst people watching through the beautiful timber windows. And, I did. I went back later that day and had an iced coffee and holy smokes was it amazing. As the name suggests, they roast their own coffee beans on location and have decked out the café with the finest touches. If you need to catch up on writing all of your postcards, uploading your 101 thousand travel photographs to Facebook or just want to watch funny dog video’s on YouTube, this is the place to do it.

Breakfast at What Else- I can’t believe we were some of the first customers for this sweet little café. Owned and run by a Vietnamese lady and her Swiss husband, this café oozes with character and serves up a tasty sunny-side up eggs with vegetables and a hot toasty baguette. The two owners are so lovely with the lady cooking up a storm in the kitchen while her husband does the service out the front. It’s so heart-warming to see. Added bonus: there is a super cool bright yellow wall out the back of the eating area. Great spot for your next Instagram upload. 

Due to TET holiday, a lot of cafes and restaurants were closed hence the small selection in dining in and quirky eats listed. If you have been to Hoi An and have some incredible recommendations, please leave a comment below or swing me an email on I’d be more than happy to add them to this list.

All the love (and food) in the world,

Soph xx


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