One of my favourite aspects of travel

There is a heightened sense of curiosity when it comes to watching and observing people onboard the plane, especially during take off and landing. This gentleman in window seat 16J on the 13:55pm flight from Manchester to Doha on QATAR airlines instantly grabbed my attention. Even though his eyes were glued to what was beneath him, I felt an urgent connection, even if it was to me an unknown identity. Thousands of people board planes every single day, from all walks of life but what comes across is a parallel consciousness. We all peek out of the window, whether it’s for a fraction or a prolonged period of time and we think and we imagine to ourselves where the next destination will take us, no matter the journey or outcome. Not knowing where this gentleman is going, what journey his going on, or leaving from, thrills me, and sends me into a great desire that has still got me asking many questions of curiosity three hours after it was taken. This has easily got to be one of my favourite parts of travelling.


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