Rogue Bar + Bistro, Newstead

Before trying out a new café or restaurant, I always check out the menu to see if it tickles my fancy (maybe I don’t live life as close on the edge as I had thought) and my first reaction was ‘silly buggers forgot to upload the other side of the menu’. But it’s definitely the case of quality over quantity here. Rogue Bar + Bistro offers a selection of 9 breakfast options and even though my first impressions were a bit on the gloomier side, I was reverted back instantly when I saw just what those 9 options were – hello truffled scrambled eggs and red velvet waffles!

Being mine & my sister’s birthday week, we had arranged to have a family brunch to catch up with each other and celebrate our 22 and 24 years of life. From the get-go everything was beyond flawless – the interiors were beaming with natural light, the service was impeccable and the food, well, I would have died the happiest person after those meals (and yes, meals is meant to be a plural). When we have a brunch for a special occasion, it is our family ritual to have a dessert breakfast, whether it be shared with one other person or amongst the table and no matter how full I may be from my first breakfast, I can always find some extra space for some sweet goodness. So I definitely feel as though I got a good taste for my buck and can certainly speak for the 9 others on the table when I say it was breathtakingly good.

I would highly recommend the mushroom & truffled scrambled eggs – it just melts in your mouth and everything on the plate compliments each other so superbly (note: we swapped out the pancetta crumbs for avocado to make it vegetarian friendly). If you’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth, or fancy getting amongst the ritual of a breakfast dessert, the pancakes with blueberry, salted caramel and chocolate ganache is a serious work of art and will not have you with any regrets!

To give you a little preview of the service you can expect from the lovely gents & ladies at Rogue I will tell you about my experience and how one of their staff members really put the icing on the top of the cake. Although it was quite obvious that it was mine and my sister’s birthday’s (bulk present unwrapping and card reading) she had the initiative to go out of her way and organise for sparklers to come out on mine and my sister’s meals. Everyone on the table looked back and forth at each other, thinking, ‘who on earth organised this?’ and well, we were all shell-shocked. Although there was no Happy Birthday song (she did excuse herself), it was so spectacular to see somebody go so above and beyond to make a customer’s experience extraordinary. I wish I had grabbed her name, but there was so much happening that I never even thought about it until now, but kudo’s to the mystery, bright-eyed girl. You are a true gem to the Rogue team.

It has been three days since I dined in at Rogue and I am already looking forward to heading back for dinner, or even just ducking in to grab some truffled scrambled eggs and top quality coffee. If you do head there, please be sure to comment your thoughts and share what you had!

Stay bright, light and colourful.

Soph x

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