Sunrise atop The Glasshouse Mountains


I will gladly admit that I am a morning person, but I definitely find waking up much more enjoyable when there is something to forward to, like an incredibly radiant sunrise and an extra strong coffee. Thankfully this was the case for this morning’s 4am wake-up call and I was more than happy to have my friend Bec stay over for that extra motivation to get out of bed quicker. We left the house at 4:30am in the pitch black and ventured on our merry way up the Bruce Highway and onwards to the bottom of Mt. Ngungun to begin our very exciting adventure. I have been wanting to watch the sunrise from the top of Mt. Ngungun for quite some time now as my last attempt didn’t quite go to plan (side story: James and I woke up at 3am to watch the sunrise there back in November last year and just as we turned off the highway with about 15 minutes to go, the car’s engine light came on so we decided that the smart option was to head on back to Brisbane because better safe than sorry, right? Well, the sunrise that day was incredible and we couldn’t even stop to take it all in, just in case the car wouldn’t start back up again. You can definitely say that it wasn’t a highlight of my year). So in saying that, I had some really high expectations for the sunrise this time round. In just under an hour, we had arrived at the small carpark at the bottom of Mt. Ngungun and with my camera strapped to my neck and our very dim lit IPhone torches at the ready we began our trek through the dark, breezy forest. I was quite happy to see two other ladies that had arrived just a few minutes before us, so being my true scared self, I tried my best to power through the first half of the walk to get as close to them as possible. I’m really not a fan of being in isolated places, especially in the dark so this was detrimental for my enjoyment of the walk, not too sure about Bec though. In about 20 minutes we had reached the summit of Ngungun and first light still hadn’t shown so we luckily got to watch the day start from scratch, it was simply mesmerising. We picked our spot along the rugged edge and waited patiently for the sun to creep up over the horizon and shine through the thick clouds. Over time, more people made it to the top for the main event but it definitely wasn’t crowded. I could imagine that this would be very different for the sunset and on weekends. There was even a lady that carried up a body bar with weights and had a mini ‘I MADE IT, I’m so strong’ photoshoot at the top (You go girl!). I could have easily spent hours upon hours sitting up there looking out along the coastline and down onto the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, but our stomachs were rumbling and being my half organised self, I forgot to pack spoons for our packed breakfast. So onwards it was for our coffee pit stop/plastic spoon pick-up and breakfast by the ocean. We decided to make our next stop Moffatt Beach, just north of Caloundra due to both the proximity and peacefulness of the location. It’s more of a locals spot and isn’t as busy or popular as the nearby Kings Beach. I also knew that we could grab a guaranteed good coffee from the lovely ladies and gents down at The Pocket Espresso which is conveniently located right across from the beach. After devouring our chia seed puddings that I had made the night before (see I am somewhat organised) we continued on to Mooloolaba, but not without a quick cuddle with some of the local pups that were hanging out by the beach with their owners. Unfortunately, the weather had completely turned by the time we arrived at Mooloolaba so we sacrificed the sunbathing and swimming for second hand book shopping and I picked up the sweetest book full of happiness quotes for a few dollars. Strangely enough, we both were ready to head back home before it even hit midday, I think it was mainly because we knew that a nanna nap would be in order. I feel so much happiness and light in my life right now and I am so glad that I am surrounded by like-minded people that embrace it as much as I do.


All the love in the world,

Soph xx

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