Why Zagreb SHOULD be on every Croatian adventure

I definitely wouldn’t call myself a city girl, it’s just not me. Yes, glistening lights do make me as excited as a kid in a lolly shop (which is definitely an understatement), but I am at my happiness when I am surrounded by trees and immersed in nature which is why it came to a shock at how well and truly I fell in love with Zagreb. Most people tend to either a) avoid Zagreb at all costs as they think it’s not worth the journey from the coast b) use it is a travel hub to get to the next destination or c) just don’t know that such a place even existed. Trust me, I was sitting around the c mark before I began researching my time in Croatia. I certainly wasn’t looking forward to my three days in Zagreb, but by the end of day 1 I wish I had room to extend my stay. By the end of this post, I hope to have you convinced about travelling to Zagreb and spending a lot more than the day or even the night there.

ZagrebWho doesn’t love a colourful town square?

 Zagreb flowers For just a few dollars you can grab a bouquet of handpicked flowers from the markets. Brighten somebodies day! 


Zagreb Sassy, but very friendly locals that love getting their photo taken


Living Walls See one of the most beautiful living walls that I have ever witnessed. 


ZagrebUse the gorgeous pastel coloured buildings for Instagram worthy photo back drops.


_MG_7824 Go to the markets and buy some fresh fruit for your breakfast – these cherries were so juicy! 


_MG_8019For the pleasant surprises tucked within the city. You can grab a drink inside Strossmartre where you will be surrounded by some whacky art, live music and a view over the city to tie it all together.

  FoodieTo have mouth watering food like this Mushroom dish that will leave you wanting more (I came back three times)


Museum of broken relationshipsTo finally be able to relate to a museum (well, maybe) with a visit to the Museum of Broken Relationships


Cathedral For awe dropping architectural beauty like this gorgeous Cathedral 

Croatia For cute handmade souvenirs so you can be constantly reminded of how incredible your travels in Zagreb were


_MG_7915 Experience street busking being taken to a new extreme


_MG_7908 See the Solar System (in cement/miniature form) 


Art To snag yourself, or a friend a fine piece of art for their wall


Zagreb & wash it all down with a glass of Croatian wine on one of the many pedestrian streets 

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